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FREE MATH videos and worksheets - NZ Professor Peter Price presents...

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FREE MATH videos and worksheets - NZ Professor Peter Price presents...

FREE MATH WORKSHEETS - Multiplication, Division,

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Key Idea:
Older students can extend the idea of rainbow fact pairs to 10 to learn fact pairs to 100.
This week's worksheets extend last week's rainbow facts to consider pairs of numbers whose sum is 100. This can be derived by students if they start with multiples of ten, then consider examples with ones and tens. For example, this sequence of questions could be used:
  • 3 + [ ] = 10
  • 30 + [ ] = 100
  • 34 + [ ] = 10
The second set of facts included in these revision worksheets is the 7x facts.
The 7x facts do not have a simple strategy of their own, since there are few useful patterns in the 7x table. Instead, encourage students to consider the individual facts in the 7x table which they already know, such as 7 x 0, 7 x 1, 7 x 2, and so on.
The only really tricky facts here are these, which should therefore receive extra attention:
  • 7 x 6
  • 7 x 7
  • 7 x 8
Extending These Activities:
All this week's facts can be extended to larger numbers. Rainbow facts to 100 can be useful when subtracting from any multiple of 100; for example, 500 - 26 = 474.
The 7x facts can be extended to numbers which have a "7" in another place. For example:
  • 70 x 4
  • 0.07 x 8
  • 7 eighths x 5
Supporting Resources
The worksheets come from Ten Minutes a Day Level 3, Book 1, aimed at students in Grade 4 (US) or Year 5 (Australia). This eBook is available in either a 10x or 12x version, to match different curriculum documents.
Go to http://store.classroomprofessor.com/Ten_Minutes_a_Day_Lev_3_Book_1_All_Ops_Rev_12x_p/tmad3_1_allopsrev_12x.htm for more information or to purchase your own copy of the full eBook.
Kind regards,
Dr Peter Price
Classroom Professor



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